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Anyone who provides “consulting” services, any non-employee contractor who offers leasing/lease negotiations for new leases or amendments or other interfacing with property owners or landlords regarding lease rights is providing brokerage services and must have a valid real estate license to do so?  This is according to the Official Code of Georgia and the Georgia Real Estate Commission.  Other states, such as South Carolina have license law language that is identical or nearly identical to Georgia law.


Very few “site acquisition consultants” or companies are properly licensed and break the law every time they discuss or negotiate rights under a lease or amendment.


Providence is properly licensed in the states where it provides real estate services as a brokerage firm, and our agents are properly licensed individually. 


If you wouldn’t hire an Engineer to provide a structural analysis who doesn’t have a PE License, why would you hire someone to provide brokerage services who has no license to lawfully do so?


Whether you are hiring a consultant or have been contacted by one, be sure you are ONLY dealing with a licensed professional.


See what the Georgia Real Estate Commission has to say here.



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